Sunday, October 27, 2013

Update - October 2013

Wolf Creek October 2013 (PregoPics)

We had a great time at Wolf Creek with the family over the second weekend of October. While we were there we decided to take a few pictures and I think they turned out great with the leaves and how amazing Utah is during fall. Only regret is forgetting hair gel... had to wear a hat to not look silly. Jenna is now 32 weeks pregnant and still looking just as amazing as ever. She has been such a trooper through pregnancy and will be an amazing mother in less than 8 weeks!

 Can't really get enough of how cool the scenery is! 

 Yep, married to a babe!

Friday, May 24, 2013

L3 Awards ceremony

Kellen's team at work was honored for their outstanding work and thrown a fancy dinner at the Grand America Hotel.  The food was delightful and the setting was unparalled.  The room was massive with chandeliers everywhere.  And what says "fancy" more than "L3 Communication" ice sculptures?

Wish we had brought our real camera!

The lighting was awful outside but so beautiful
The courtyard of the Grand American Hotel

Kellen gets a motorcycle- May 2013

Kellen got his very first (and hopefully his last) motorcycle!  He was the happiest of boys!  He is hoping to get great gas mileage for all his commuting he will need to do this summer and that part of the deal I cannot argue with.  I have his word that he will stay safe so he better keep it!
Holding up the title to his new motorcycle

A profile shot of the new bike

Murray Park Picnic

Kellen and I went on a little picnic to Murray Park and Arboretum.  The Arboretum was slightly smaller than I was led to believe but I really had a good time.  It has huge old trees that are hard to find in the city and it was so so green.  I loved it.

Part of the Arboretum 

There were more geese in one place than I have ever seen in my lifetime

"Parks and Recreation" is one of our favorite show so we appreciated this sign

Salt Lake City Temple- May 2013

Kellen and I had a really great time at the Salt Lake City temple.  That temple is so so beautiful inside and out!


May 4, 2013-
Jenna graduates from the University of Utah with her Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology!!!  It was so fabulous to have so many family members come and support me! Randy and Cindy, Cari and Gary, my dad and Lisa, Melissa my sister-in-law, my brother Geoff, and my wonderful husband Kellen all came and watched the 2 hour ceremony, just to watch me walk across the stage for 2 minutes! They are amazing.

Cari and I hugging

Cindy and I hugging

My love and I.  I could not have done this without his support!

I am a Master!

Happy graduation lunch

Dad and daughter

My goofy outfit and hat

That afternoon Rebecca and the boys came up to hang out and we went to the Planetarium.  My four nephews are darling and the Planetarium was pretty fun.
Rex and Aunt Jenna.  Look at his adorable face!

Uncle Kellen and Ty-pod and Rexie-roo on "the moon"

Saturday, April 20, 2013

First Married Christmas -2010

Yes it is very old, but it is a cute memory that I just had to add into our book.  Here is a picture of our first married Christmas! We borrowed a fake tree from Cari and Gary and decorated our whole apartment while watching "Narnia".  Does it get more festive? I think not.